Choosing the Perfect Side Dish at Caldwell County BBQ

The Central Texas barbecue method came from Czechs and Germans who had settled in Texas in the 1840s. Many raised cattle and owned butcher shops in town and smoked the left-over meat to preserve it.

They began to offer their smoked beef to customers of their butcher shops. Soon it became so popular their shops became what we now call BBQ joints.
These original customers of the butcher shops would be served their BBQ on a sheet of butcher paper and what was on the shop’s shelves. This included crackers, pickles, onion, or jalapenos.

Until this day, BBQ joints in Central Texas continue that tradition offering saltines, sliced onions, and pickle chips as sides for their slow-smoked brisket, ribs, and sausage.

As BBQ styles vary from one region of the US, side dishes will also be different. North Carolina will have its own twist on BBQ and sides from Texas, for example.

There are sides that just about every American BBQ joint has, but the recipes will vary from one joint to the next.

You probably know them all and will find them at many restaurants. We’re talking coleslaw, potato salad, French fries, and some kind of beans. Other favorites you will find are corn on the cob, mac and cheese, collard greens, and cornbread.

You can also consider BBQ sauce as a side, especially for Texas-style BBQ, which sauce is normally an option and frowned upon by hardcore Central Texas BBQ lovers.

All the regional styles are part of what makes America great. Imagine if everywhere you went, you were served the same thing! Variety is the spice of life, it is said, but where do you find this spice?

Matching your BBQ side to the type of meat

The right sides for your CCBBQ choice can turn it into a well-rounded meal. Sides also add extra flavors to make your BBQ experience perfect. Of course, any of our sides can go with any of the main menu choices.

Be sure to try them all as you visit us on different occasions. Or just order one of each for your whole family all at once and sample them all! What’s your favorite?

BEEF BRISKET – Coleslaw is an important side dish for any BBQ type, but the sourness of slaw is especially good to mellow out a Brisket’s fattiness. Caldwell County’s Lemon Poppyseed Coleslaw is the perfect complement to our Central Texas wood-smoked beef brisket.

Lemon juice and vinegar with a touch of sugar give our coleslaw the subtle sourness needed for the perfect brisket side. Whether you choose a fatty cut or a leaner cut, this coleslaw will help launch your tastebuds into Beef Brisket bliss!

PULLED PORK – A favorite side dish for many, especially the young ’uns, is a staple all over the US, whether with BBQ or fried cumquats – and that is MAC & CHEESE. Caldwell County’s EAST SIDE PIG pulled pork sandwich with a side of our delicious macaroni and cheese is a real winner. Something that will help fill you up for a very satisfying meal.

With a bit of green chili in our Mac and Cheese and lots of cheese, you will find it’s the best you’ve ever had. Also, to further make your pulled pork meal even better, whether loose or on a Hawaiian roll, add our famous LALA’S PINTO BEANS!

ST. LOUIS PORK RIBS – Most side dishes pair well with ribs; however, CCBBQ HOMEMADE POTATO SALAD is an outstanding choice. Who doesn’t love rich and delicious potato salad? You don’t? Well, try ours, and you may become a big fan.

Potato salad is thought to have originated in Germany, spreading throughout Europe and later to European colonies. But our potato salad is AMERICAN style potato salad. Country style is the best side to go with Central Texas-style BBQ!

SAUSAGE – Flavored with jalapeño, our sausages go well with other meat orders, brisket, pork, or turkey. For sausage sides, add Lala’s Pinto Beans and Lemon Poppyseed Coleslaw, and you will be in BBQ heaven.

TURKEY – A tasty dish that goes very well with our Turkey is AUNT SUSAN’S CORN CASSEROLE.

Corn casserole is a popular food in rural communities in the Southern United States. It was inspired by a Native American cooking technique that created corn pone, which was basically just corn and water. Adapted by Southern Colonists, the recipe came to include milk and eggs, creating something akin to the British pudding they knew.

Southern corn pudding is a comfort food that you never knew you loved until you try it. Great to serve at Thanksgiving with Turkey. Our Aunt Susan created her own “signature” version with top-secret ingredients she will not reveal.

However, one clue comes from a CCBBQ patron who described it as: “If cornbread and a cheese soufflé had a baby.” Sweet, creamy, and hearty with a touch of green chili, it makes the perfect side dish for Turkey or any BBQ meat.

GET YOUR VEGGIES – To get some fresh vegetables for a more balanced meal, check out our BBQ SALAD! With fresh greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, choice of brisket, pork or turkey, and BBQ ranch dressing, you get something really healthy and delicious to boot.

Of course, all our choices are healthy and delicious, but remember, Mama always said to eat your vegetables, or you can’t have any dessert! So, if you eat your salad, you can finish your feast with Caldwell County BBQ Individual Pecan Pie or Homemade Chocolate Chip or Pecan Sandie cookie.

For a complete and satisfying dining experience at our BBQ bistro, you should always order a side dish when you eat at CCBBQ. Make sure you include some of our free condiments, pickles, jalapenos, onions, and sliced white bread. Could it be any better?

Come and get your BBQ now!

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