How We Serve a Perfect Brisket at CCBBQ

For the perfect brisket, you need the perfect beef

Beef comes in different grades, Prime, Choice, and Select. Brisket is a particular cut of beef. The brisket is a “primal” of the beef carcass. It’s one of the eight primals in the beef carcass.

If you want perfection, the perfect Texas-style BBQ brisket has to start with the best Prime grade. Procuring the proper cut is important, but the beef grade is equally important.

At Caldwell County BBQ we use only USDA Prime Brisket. Prime grade has marbling and a cap of fat that bastes the meat inside and out during the entire cooking process. Fat is good for BBQ. The liquefied fat makes the brisket tender and absorbs many of the common flavors sought for in the perfect brisket.

For a more detailed explanation, see The Science Behind Texas BBQ.

Tenderizing the brisket – The most tender cut of beef is the tenderloin, a cut beneath the ribs, and next to the backbone. The brisket is the pectoral muscle of the cow, one of the most flavorful cuts of meat. However, it is tough and needs to be cooked low and slow to make it tender.

The whole idea of barbecue began to make tougher cuts of meat easier to eat. A brisket was thought of as a worthless cut of meat in the US and was just ground up for stew or chili. It was the early German butchers in Texas that put a brisket in a smoker and cooked it low and slow to make it tender.

Holding the meat – To make a brisket tender requires holding the meat in the smoker at a cooking temperature of 225 to 275 degrees Fahrenheit, and to an internal temperature of 203 degrees. It can take from 10 to 20 hours to reach the desired tenderness.

At Caldwell, we can go up to 24 hours to get the juicy tenderness and natural smoke flavor of your brisket. If the brisket is cooked too fast, the meat will be tough. This is why Caldwell County BBQ has some of the best Texas-style BBQ in Metro Phoenix.

Smoking the meat – We maintain, with the help of our stick burner (one of four), a carefully controlled and contained hardwood fire of mesquite and pecan.

This combination of wood provides the perfect blend of flavors. As the smoke circulates around the meat for extended periods of time, it produces a rich, flavorful, and tender meat with a distinctive smoky taste. Most of the juiciness with low and slow cooking comes from melted and softened fats, gelatinized collagen, and protein-bounded water. But this takes time and must be watched as the temperature will go through changes.

The ideal temperature can stagnate into a “stall.“ This has been a long-time mystery why the stall happens, but they have now found it results from evaporative cooling. As meat releases water and cools down, it prevents the temperature of the meat from rising to the ideal temperature until all the moisture is evaporated. This will extend the cooking time needed and make much dryer meat.

Wrapping the brisket – if the brisket goes into a stall then the brisket is wrapped in aluminum foil or butcher paper. By wrapping it, the moisture stays inside the meat to make the juiciest brisket.

Let it rest – To make a sizeable piece of meat such as brisket be more tender and moister, it is best to let it rest after it has been cooked. By letting the brisket rest, the internal temperature can come down and allow the internal moisture to relax. In this way, those delicious juices won’t come pouring out of the brisket as it is being sliced.

Plating – 24 hours later and CCBBQ brisket is ready to serve our many hungry Texas-style BBQ loving patrons.

We go with the traditional way of plating your brisket and other food as done way back in the day. Just as the Czechs and Germans who had settled in Texas did in the 1840s who practically invented Texas BBQ. They sold smoked meat to their butcher shop customers on a piece of butcher paper. (You will have a tray!)

With the smoked meat, they added sides like crackers, pickles, onion, or jalapenos, and many BBQ joints still serve these as sides today. At CCBBQ all orders also include the same sides, pickles, jalapenos, and onions just like ye olden days. No crackers, but sliced white bread instead. All are complimentary.

At Caldwell County BBQ we also have more substantial sides (paid) to round out your meal:

  • Lemon Poppyseed Cole Slaw
  • Aunt Susan’s Corn Casserole
  • Lala’s Pinto Beans
  • Country Potato Salad
  • Mac ‘n Cheese
  • BBQ Salad

Texas-style barbecue in Gilbert with an Arizona twist!

CCBBQ is one of the few providers of Central Texas-style BBQ in Gilbert, Arizona. We believe that it’s unmatched to other BBQ styles. It takes hard work and dedication to smoke and serve a perfect brisket from our low and slow offset smoker.

The ‘pièce de résistance,’ the ultimate choice for the Texas BBQ experience, is the beef brisket. However, if beef isn’t your thing, maybe you love pork, then try out our fall-off-the-bone St. Louis ribs or CCBBQ pulled pork or pork sausage. Or have them all!

For the diet minded, smoked turkey is a lower fat choice that will make you feel you’re at a Thanksgiving BBQ! Bring the entire family. Your kids will love our Mac ‘n Cheese. We have an outdoor eating area with picnic tables where you can have a real down-home BBQ experience.

If you never had Caldwell County BBQ, we guarantee your satisfaction. Come on by and come hungry and have a feast. Get here soon as we close when we run out of BBQ! You can also call in for takeout orders. Also, CCBBQ is now providing catering. Put on a Texas BBQ party your friends will never forget!

Visit us today, tomorrow, or the next day, but just come and bring the entire family. You will understand why we are so passionate about our specialty, Texas-Style BBQ!