5 Features of Perfect Texas-Style BBQ

If Texas and Arizona had a baby, it would be Caldwell County BBQ. Why Texas? Because Caldwell County BBQ owner, Clay Caldwell got a taste of Central Texas-style BBQ. Rather than have to move to Texas to enjoy this world-famous Texas-style BBQ, he decided to bring it home.

Phoenix BBQ?

Arizona has its own BBQ history, but there is no specific style it is famous for. You have heard about Texas BBQ or Carolina BBQ, but have you ever heard of Arizona BBQ? You probably have heard of Chicago style, Kansas City BBQ, but is there a famous Phoenix BBQ style? No, there are many styles.

Clay got inspiration from Franklin BBQ in Austin, famous for their Central Texas barbecue. He went back to Texas seven times to visit other well-known BBQ restaurants to learn their secrets. Armed with this knowledge, he was able to further improve his own BBQ talents and opened Caldwell County BBQ in Gilbert, AZ.

Mastering BBQ Techniques

This is the first reason that Caldwell County BBQ has such top of the line BBQ. They learned from the masters to give their patrons authentic Central Texas-Style BBQ.

Caldwell Count BBQ is a great barbeque place for Metro Phoenix but it is not just about Texas-style. They add their own Arizona influences like citrus and green chile and three types of signature sauces. They also offer fall-off-the-bone St. Louis ribs and pulled pork, so just don’t think it is all about Texas. In a state by state contest for the best BBQ, it can be said – Don’t mess with Arizona!

Consistent Quality

Every business likes to say they are the best, they have the best service or food or product. And why not? Got to get people interested. But just saying you are the best or one of the best doesn’t go very far unless you can back it up over time. Consistent quality is needed so customers know what to expect.

A customer comes to check a BBQ place that advertises “We Have the Best BBQ Ribs,” try’s the food, it is mediocre, and they never come back. One sign of a truly good restaurant is customers keep coming back. They tell their friends and their friends tell their friends and so on. It can grow fast. In just a few short years Caldwell County BBQ has become a hot spot in Metro Phoenix for barbeque lovers.

This leads to a 2nd sign Caldwell County BBQ has some of the best BBQ in the Valley. Metro Phoenix folks are coming over and over and filling up this Arizona barbeque Mecca. Their regular customers can always look forward to back-to-basics wood-smoked Texas-style BBQ. They know they will have a high-quality BBQ experience with their slow-cooked beef brisket, ribs, pulled pork, sausage, and turkey.

Homemade, family inspired side dishes like – Lemon Poppyseed Cole Slaw, Aunt Susan’s Corn Casserole, Lala’s Pinto Beans, Country Potato Salad, and Mac ‘N Cheese complete the meal. Doesn’t this sound like barbeque heaven? If it does to you – come on down, get there early and grab your spot!

Smoking the Competition With Max Woodruff

To make the best Texas-Style BBQ it needs to be smoked by slow roasting it over the indirect heat of a wood fire. A carefully controlled and contained hardwood fire of mesquite and pecan is perfect. This low and slow method takes up to 20 hours to make the meat tender and moist. If cooked too fast, the meat will be tough. This is another reason Caldwell County BBQ is some of the best barbeque places in Metro Phoenix.

Some BBQ outfits in Phoenix Metro will cook with gas or electricity. This is an outrage to serious pitmasters! Some restaurants may have to use gas or electric because they can’t cook outdoors or they don’t have space for a serious smoker. Clay Caldwell understood this and knew what he needed to make authentic and superior BBQ. Searching for the perfect place his family found the perfect property to accommodate the needed smoker.

The third thing here that makes Caldwell County BBQ so good is the effort that was put into having the ultimate and most effective smoker. We should say smokers as there are several. Made with large repurposed 1,000-gallon propane tanks, empty of course, as Clay likes to point out, they offer a complete, controlled environment. With these, they are able to make plenty of BBQ to meet the demands of their patrons.

These monster BBQ smokers are beyond anything competitors have. They are such a central part of their operation they actually named them. Read here “The Birth of Max Woodruff” to learn what serious smokers they have! Texas-style barbecue is incomparable to most BBQ styles offered in Arizona or even anywhere in the USA. Sourcing the best possible solution to cook their BBQ really does make Caldwell County BBQ one of the best.