Just about everybody loves Central Texas BBQ, and if they don’t – well bless their heart. Maybe they are from Kansas City or South Carolina and prefer their local style of barbecue. Whatever the reason, they surely don’t know what they’re missing.

You don’t have to be from Texas to love Texas-style BBQ. It is incomparable to most BBQ styles offered in other states. When it comes to creating that perfect juicy tenderness and natural smoke flavor, “low and slow” is the way to go. At Caldwell County BBQ, your local award-winning Gilbert, AZ BBQ haven, that is the only way we know.

Just to show ya it’s not just a local thing, a Texas thing, here is something you might not know; Texas barbecue is famous all over the world! Indeed, it is. The culture of Texas BBQ has captured the imaginations of chefs and restaurateurs from England, France, Italy, to Sweden and other places you would never imagine.

But is it real Texas BBQ?

Barbecue is growing more popular every year overseas. BBQ restaurants have opened in every major city. But not all offer authentic Texas BBQ. The secret of low and slow is to have a good smoker and know how to use it. Also, to use wood smoke, and sourcing the right kind of wood can be hard, and local regulations may prevent the use.

Some will use gas or other cooking methods that don’t make the grade. So, some, probably many BBQ places may be OK, but the ones who have sourced a smoker and the wood will reign supreme. In this list of Texas BBQ establishments around the world, we will try to list those who use brisket and ribs smoked in a wood-fired smoker.

Let’s get started and we’re going to list here some of the countries and famous barbecue joints that you can visit if you decide to be a world traveler. Or just to show that Central Texas BBQ is loved by millions of BBQ enthusiasts around the world.


Joe Walters, a pitmaster from Dallas and Houston, moved to London, England and opened Texas Joe’s Slow Smoked Meats on July 4, 2016. A fitting date for opening a business in a country that we gained independence from!

MELT – Paris, France

Just across the English Channel is Melt, an authentic Texas-style barbecue joint opened by Swiss-trained restaurateurs, Antoine Martinez and Jean Ganizate. Discovering Texas BBQ in New York, they went to Texas to learn from the experts.

BLACKET – Como, Italy

Known in Italy as “il primo vero ristorante dedicato al barbecue Texano” (the first real restaurant dedicated to Texan barbecue) Blacket uses the traditional “Low & Slow” method offering beef brisket, pulled pork, pork, and beef ribs.

Texas-style BBQ was almost unknown in Italy until the owners of Blacket were inspired by a trip to Texas. Now with the slogan here is “The Spirit of Barbecue” they opened two Blacket restaurants.

PO’BOYS BBQ – Athens, Greece

Starting as a pop-up street food hangout, Po’boys BBQ grew so quickly that they had to open a restaurant. The authentic Texas-style slow-smoked BBQ includes brisket, short ribs, spare ribs, crispy pork belly, and pulled pork.

In addition to standard Texas BBQ, their menu has a lot of influence from the culture of the American South with offerings such as handmade New Orleans style Andouille sausage, Gumbo, and Mac’N’Cheese. With 40 brands of beer, Po’boys is a BBQ to visit.

SMOKE RING – Rome, Italy

Opened in 2014 these Texas BBQ aficionados went all the way to make authentic Central Texas BBQ. They imported a professional smoker from the US and smoke the meat with imported mesquite and hickory.

Smoke Ring serves the standard Texas BBQ fare cooked low and slow including brisket, pork ribs, beef ribs, and sausage. Patrons can make their own platter by weight.

BLACK SMOKE – Antwerp, Belgium

Black Smoke are masters of American-style ‘low and slow’ BBQ dishes in wood-burning smokers. The owners went to 40 BBQ joints in the US to perfect Black Smoke’s serious BBQ menu.

The menu includes the standard Texas BBQ favorites like brisket, ribs, and sausage but has many other BBQ based food like their Texan Brisket Tostada; Texas-style chopped prime meat brisket drenched in adobo BBQ sauce between two crispy corn tortillas. The strong Belgian beer they offer makes the experience even more enticing.

Where’s the Beef?

There is one thing that really makes Texas BBQ so good besides the low and slow wood smoked treatment and love it gets, and that is the quality of beef. In other countries like the places mentioned here, their beef isn’t, well the best for Texas-style BBQ.

European beef is grass-fed while most American beef is grain-fed. This makes the US version have more fat, so it has more flavor and more tender. The more authentic Texas-style BBQ joints around the world use imported American beef.

When the tastier, more tender style of beef produced in the U.S. is cooked in a wood-fired smoker, then you can get real Texas BBQ. Not every restaurant is able to pull all that together or doesn’t care to. They just go with their version of Texas BBQ.

Full Circle

Czechs and Germans who settled in Texas in the 1840s got Texans, who loved their beef as it was a big cattle raising state, turned on to the smoked meat BBQ joint. The Germans put a brisket in a smoker and modern Texas Barbecue was born. Now, this Texas culinary transplant has gone back whence it came with years of improvements.

If you want to experience the true taste and pleasure of Central Texas BBQ; you don’t need to go to Texas or hop on a plane to London. Right here in Gilbert, Arizona at Caldwell County BBQ you can get the real thing, with all the fixings. Yes, ma’am, and yes sir, y’all gonna love it! So, get over here right quick and chow down.